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Do you want to upgrade the design of your home,

but you don't know how or where to start?

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Hi! We are Deborah and Giordana

Lovely to meet you!

We believe that a quality design doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Even with simple changes, designed in the right way, we can make big changes in a room or house.

We will significantly improve your quality of life and bring joy, love, and happiness to your life.​

Thank you for your guide

"It gave me a new perspective and understanding of how to select colors and position them in a way that w ill dress upthe room in an aesthetic way."

Galit Lief

An easy and intuitive guide

"It opened up a whole new world of shades and color combinations. With this guide and with little effort I redesigned the look of my home office. Thanks a lot, Giordana and Debby, a fantastic idea!"

Francesca Fiocchi Nicolai

This guide gave me some ideas and inspiration

“We had a garden office built over a year ago and haven’t got round to decorating it. I’m getting a bit bored of the ‘sauna look’ but I couldn’t decide which colours to choose but I knew I didn’t want just white. Using this guide has really helped give me some ideas and inspiration and I can’t wait to get painting when the weather gets warmer! Thank you.”

Jude Wharton

The result greatly reflects the quality of the work:
we’re currently living in a beautiful and comfortable apartment, where every corner is optimally used, tastefully and practically.

Abigail and Joseph

Ready to upgrade the design of your home office?

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